Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Dear Mom and family,
We felt nothing from the earthquake but there are many Haitians who live here. It is very sad. Our neighbor is Haitian and her mom died so we sang a hymn for her. Everyone on the island is sad about it and there are lots of places to send food and stuff to help them
My week was alright. We ran out of travel money so we could no longer go to the city called Goyave to see some of our best investigators and I think that is why they didn't come to church this week. Greg's mission sounds a lot like mine. It is difficult to make a second rendez vous with people and things like that.
It is great to hear that you have received the pictures. I was getting pretty impatient. There are a lot of photos Iwish I could send now. Today for P-day we went to a big waterfall called the Chutes du Carbet. It was so cool! I was climbing on all the huge rocks and of course we can't go in the water. It's kind of torture but it was still tons of fun.
I think I look the same as well. I weigh a little bit more but I think that's just from morning exercises. The next transfer (transer 7)I am going to be in a city on Guadeloupe called Abymes. There is a member there who takes the missionaries to go work out in the morning if they want. I have heard that everyone throws up from doing his workout- I'm pretty excited for that ha-ha.
My camera is working great. I actually took a really cool hd video of the waterfall today so yeah its still hanging in there.
Thanks for sending a package. I decided I am not going to buy anything for a while since I've used a lot of extra money lately. My shoes are still fine but if they break I will buy some new ones. I don't need any clothes really. My first pants I brought are kind of shredding but I've got some extra pairs that were left by other elders.
Megan and Spencer will have a baby this spring? Does that mean that they didn't tell anyone for like 5 months last year? That's so cool that Brad and Karen are having another boy. It's going to be so bonkos to see all these babies when I get home. I can't wait to see Max's guitar skills and all the kids sports skills. and nunchuck skills. I feel like such a loser because I don't really have many skills. I just kind of started a bunch of things and let them go before I could really get good at it. So make everyone keep going in all of their activities so they can actually say they did something before their mission.
Thanks for writing me! I'm really pumped for the next transfer. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Love you!
elder hill

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