Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter 1/25

Dear mom and family,
It sounds like a crazy week-always remember Ether 12:8-9. Jesus Christ died and was resurrected so we will never get our hopes down-we will see Matt again!
This week was a pretty crazy week for me too. I changed areas to a city called Abymes. My new colleague is one of the AP's so we do lots of good work. This is a cool area because it's one of the oldest. I went to a baptism yesterday and the people seemed like they had been members all of their lives. The lady that got baptized told all of the missionaries in her testimony that all of the work we are doing is worth it and we shouldn't give up. Things are going fine for me. Just keep swimmin' and I'll hear from you next week. I love you a ton!
Elder hill
p.s. I heard there will be a Toy Story 3, is that true?

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