Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter 4/20

Dear mom and family,
It's great to hear you had a good time on Hawaii. That reminds me of what my driver said all the time when I did ups. Everyday when people would ask him how he was doing he would say "another day in paradise".
It sounds like you got to do some cool stuff. In the picture I sent I'm eating the pink pancakes that you told me to send a picture of. Martinique is so cool. We have the greatest apartment ever. We get to sleep out on the balcony because it is so big. I have never has so much food from the members as I have this first week. It is like a huge city here. It is way way more developed than in Guadeloupe. I imagine it is a lot like France here. There are lots of white people here too. The work is different. Street contacts were a lot harder and tracting was 0% effective but in the area book there are lots of referrals from members so that is a big difference. The members do more work here to help the missionaries. My companion is from Belgium. He is way cool. He actually speaks Dutch better than his French. I never get sunburned but I've started to have crazy eye problems. I think they are starting to get sensitive to all the sun and dust. Even when I go into the big stores they start to get really sore and dry. It's not allergies it's like when you're really tired and you feel like rubbing your eyes, its that feeling. I might go to the eye doctor but I think I will just start wearing sunglasses more. Sorry if my letter is short running out of time today. I love you guys!
Elder hill