Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter 2/15

Dear Mom and family,
It sounds like you had a great week. I haven't seen anything about the Olympics or the Super Bowl so I guess I'll have to wait a year.
So this last week my companion left for Martinique to do exchanges and I was with a new elder who is in his first transfer- Elder Helms. He is from Utah and he is cool. On Thursday night after we had a meeting at the church we went outside and it looked like it had been snowing and there were flakes floating down. So the other elders knew about it and told us it was a volcano that exploded on another island. It was predicted that it would explode so no one got hurt but the next day the Collings had everyone stay inside because there was so much ash all over the island. I guess the ash went all the way down to Dominica. Friday we didn't leave the apartment at all. The next day we got to work but we were wearing surgeon masks. There is still lots of ash blowing around but it's not too hindering. My companion now is Elder Kelley, he is really short and he is from Arkansas. Everything is going great and I don't need anything. I've got a lot of clothes that were left behind at the apartment I'm in right now. Love you! Have a good week!
elder hill