Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter 11/17

Dear Mama,
Thanks for writing me. It sounds like it was a good week. Hannah's birthday sounds like it was fun. I hope you still enjoyed your birthday. I am anxious to see what it's like out here for the holidays. I will make sure to put something in the package for you.
That's sweet that Max made it on the basketball team. By the way did he get the email that I wrote to him. I just put it at the end of one of my emails a couple of weeks ago. Anyways that's so cool he is doing guitar and ukalele that will be so cool when he is good. Every time he wants to text just tell him to learn some songs on the guitar and the girls will like him lots more than if he just writes them a text.
I think I might buy a hard drive out here. All the missionaries do it and you can get everyone's pictures and music on it so it's really cool. Also I think I will buy a prepaid box that is $37 or so. It's expensive but its the best way. I will try to do that this week.
I wish I could play tennis. I played some ping pong at zone conference last week. We will definitely have to go play when I get back it will be the spring time. Thanks again for writing me sorry I couldn't write more the time flew today. Love you! Bye!
-elder hill

Monday, November 16, 2009

Letter 11/9

Dear Family,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA AND HANNAH AND MITCHELL!!! I wish I could be there for this week. I will put some stuff in my Christmas package for everyone's birthday. I still haven't received the package from you yet but it should come this week. It's easy to send stuff from here. They have prepaid boxes at the post so I will probably do that within the next couple of weeks.
I have never been sick the whole mission. I have allergies probably every day but its not that bad. I did get athletes foot for a little bit but a member told me to walk in the sea water so I did that and it cured it, cool huh. It was on a p-day and we just cant go in the water past our knees.
This week was great. On Saturday we got to do service for a member. We got to chop the bad grass with sabers. I don't know if I've talked about it before but everyone has machetes here for gardening. To clean up their gardens they just hack everything down and burn it. I bought a saber when I was still in Moule and I've done a couple of service activities for people with it. I want to hang it up on my wall when I get home to remind me of lots of service times. I love Capesterre and the work is a little easier than it was in Moule.
I don't need any new shirts or pants, I've just had to do a bit of sewing. There's nothing I want just maybe that cd I wrote about last week.
The hospitals are pretty good here. I don't know why but there's always a million people at the doctors...
Everything is going good; thanks for writing to me and for prayers. love ya! I'm going to try and write my testimony in creole.
an sav Papabondye-la ka viv. i emné nou onpil. i té ban-nou onpil bitan. i té ban-nou fils a-y. an sav livre de mormon i pawol Papabondye. an ka dit sa au nom de Jesikri amen.
-elder hill

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letter 11/2

Dear Mum,(as my new collegue would say)
I'm doing great. The new area is awesome and my new collegue is so cool. His name is Elder West and he is from Chelmsford, Essex, England. He broke his hand jumping off a wall and his foot got caught. He said it's a blessing that he didn't break his back, just his hand. He played rugby before so he is a brut. It's really good I am with him because he makes me work out. He can't do much with his broken arm so he just tells me what to do. It kindof reminds me of Uncle Burke's prom video where Uncle Matt is punching him in the stomach every time he does a sit up. I will send a package around Christmas time and there will be pictures on there of all my collegues.
Capesterre is really beautiful. There's practically no tourists here so I guess you could say it's the true Guadeloupe here, and it rocks! There's tons of banana tree farms and mountains on this side of the island. There is a huge waterfall in the mountains that you can see from down in the city.
We have a baptismal date that we set last week with a young single mom named Auldrey who has five kids. Her life is so rough but her and her kids love the church and we get to help her out a lot. Today we are going to bring some rice and lentils from our food storage to her. Yesterday the gas for her stove ran out so they couldn't cook anything, it's so sad. But, she came to church for the first time last week and I think she loved it. She has a baby named Noah and there's another member in the branch with an infant as well so all the ladies were talking to them and saying 'mignon!'
Halloween sounds like it was awesome. My Halloween was lame-as expected. Here it's called the fete des morts and it was Sunday and Monday. So on Halloween (the 31) everyone was just sleeping and getting ready to party the next day, so the streets were empty and there wasn't much to do. Then on Sunday everyone went to the cemetery and lit a ton of candles and put them on the graves of their ancestors along with flowers and they sort of campout there all day, and the same on Monday. The work didn't slow down too bad.
I've got a feeling this is going to be a kick butt transfer. Thanks for writing to me. Tell Bryce I said hey, that's a bummer. Sometimes I'm scared my knees are going to flare up like they were doing last winter but everytime they start I just pray and pray and until now I've done alright. Hope everything keeps going good! Count your blessings! Thanks for your prayers! Love you bye!
-elder hill