Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Cher famille an-mwen,
Yes the computers are always weird here. I try really hard to write good letters but we only have an hour, and for part of that we have to write our president.
The parade sounds like it was awesome. I remember last year when I was driving the jeep through there and I didn't have a shirt on and a lot of the ward was there haha. Also,I was wondering, did you sell the jeep to get the new one?
It's probably really really nice weather there. It doesn't get cooler anywhere here except at night when we turn on our air conditioner. It has never bothered me but it is always super hot. Today we had to buy a bunch of water because there might be another greve uh strike. We were walking back from the store with it and it was so heavy and I was trying all these crazy ways to hold it above my head and stuff but it didn't work. This guy gave us a ride, it was cool because that doesn't happen very much. He was from a religion that always kind of argues with the missionaries so it was cool.
I will try and send some pictures next week.
That's scary that Mitch did that with his little twig body.(He rode a steer) awesome though.
Where is Justin Greer going on his mission? Time is going pretty fast for me. The first transfer was really slow but the last one seemed so fast. I will be legal in a couple months but like I said another strike might happen. But if I get my papers that means I can leave Guadeloupe to go to other french places like French Guyana. That's where I really want to go.
My area is doing fine but I'm getting pretty down because we haven't been able to get our investigators to church for pretty much my whole mission. We have a lot happening we've been fasting and praying for. Also our branch sounded pretty discouraged about doing missionary work at branch council on Sunday. Also I'm starting to finally understand most everyone. I'm also finally starting to not be shy. I'm still really awkward but I'm starting to be able to talk more tranquil with everyone.
That's awesome that Mike MC came over. I thought that carter played soccer in England or something. That's kind of weird actually because I was thinking about when I was friends with him this morning. I remembered that we used to always go to Tori Shemanski's house to hang out. Crazy how life goes by. Il faut faire avec! I love you family. I'm doing great. Thanks for your prayers and letters!

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