Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Mom,
That's so awesome that Liz came. I miss those guys! It sounds like pioneer day was tubular though.
We had appointments for those two investigators at church for Saturday but they both crapped out on us. Yesterday something pretty cool happened. This whole week has been one of the best weeks so far on my mission. On Friday it was zone conference. President Gamiette is so cool! He is way funny and his discourse was amazing. Then yesterday we were walking on the boulevard where we usually walk every night and I was about to sit on some steps to take a little rest and then Elder Silvester was like 'hey lets go rest over there' and there was a huge roller skating party on the boulevard so there was a ton of people that we had to walk through. Then when we were walking I heard someone saying 'excuse me' trying to get our attention. Then we talked to the lady and she said she wanted to join our church. She had a couple other times in her life that she had seen the missionaries (like christmas caroling) that she was really impressed with. I felt the strongest prompting I've ever felt on my entire mission to testify to her about the truthfulness of the church and I did it and i said a bunch of other stuff. I was kind of shaking after it was incredible.
I got the package and it was great. The candy is great. The recipe is great.
Yes, I play the piano at church every week. Sometimes its weird because the branch doesn't know the hymns very well and the singing is off from my playing but its fine. I don't have much time to write today but love you and thanks for your prayers, letters; and support! love ya!

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