Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter 6/28

Dear Mom and Family,
I just got back from a chute! A waterfall I mean!
It was amazing! It seemed like something from a movie.
There was a huge round pool at the bottom and the river
that flowed out of it was so deep! And ofcourse all the
water was crystal clear. It was a zone activity so we
had an awesome thought from the zone leaders and then
one of the zone leaders (Elder Snow) ripped his shirt
like captain Moroni and then he duct taped it on a
stick. It was so hilarious. Next week me and Elder
Silvester are going to help some guy build some crab
catching cages for service! I am doing great. Francine,
the investigator that's going to be baptized this
weekend told me she could recognize me from a dream
she had a long time ago and I was so glad because I
thought I wasn't that big of a help because I still
don't understand alot so I didn't think I had a big
influence during our lessons but she told us that we
helped her so much and she loved having us over. Elder
Silvester has told me a bunch of stories about people
who got baptized because of dreams they had. I'm loving
it out here! I'm working hard! I pass out every night!
I am cassé! The language is coming fine. It's still
pretty hard to understand people sometimes but I feel
like I can say most of the things I want to. Love you
family! Thanks for your prayers! I pray for everything
to go good for you too!
-elder hill

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