Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letter 5/25

Yes, everyone in the fam can email me. so tell em too! the pink bananas tasted the same. i forgot my camera this time so i will send some pictures next week and my companion has his camera so ill send a few off his. i can speak alright but its still pretty hard to get what people are even saying because of the accent and the speed when they talk. the address to send letters to is:

Elder Hill c/o Elder and Sister Collings, Chez M. Govindin Frank,
Plaissance 97122 Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe.

So everyone in the family can email me but all my friends have to write. I remembered brocks birthday was coming up! happy birthday dude! i love you so much brocky dude! guess what theres these kids your age here in the ward and they remind me so much of you. and theyre surfer dudes. and yesterday we were karate fighting them! happy birthday dude and dont shoot yr eye out with that airsoft gun! the weather is fine im totally used to it. it is pretty hot some days but i hardly notice. we have one of the biggest areas in the zone but we dont have a car or bikes so we walk all day. it doesnt bother me but i am out in the sun all day. the work is alright here, its pretty hard to get people to come to church though. thats so cool about griffin! tell him congrats from me. thats way funny about the birds, we always have a story like that at our house. what is the update on the houses. tell grandma and grandpa that they can email me. ill be prayin for grandpas surgery to go well. love you! ill try to send some pics in another email. bye!

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  1. We'd love to write to Sonny by email. What is his email address?