Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/11 Arrival in Trinidad

We received an email from the mission president that they have arrived safely and if you check out the blog at you will see that he is being well taken care of. He called from the airport and he sounded very happy to be on his way. He was feeling a bit nervous about starting his mission. He said the humidity in Atlanta was so weird to him and that it would be even more humid where he will be(concern, concern) and I said well, "no more chapped lips"! He expressed his love for the MTC and that is was hard to say goodbye to his cousin Greg. We had an undercover ward member get him a last minute package(mesquito net & watch) to the MTC and he was laughing about that. It is a miracle he was walking by the parking lot when they came to deliver it or he probably wouldn't have gotten it. The MTC cops were involved and it was a little crazy but it was meant to be. He talked to Sophie and said "hey, baby Sophe!" and she started acting really silly. When she got off I said, "what did he say"? and she said I couldn't understand him, I think he was speaking Spanish.

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