Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Cher Famille,
Sounds like everythings going great back home. That's sad about that monkey. He did always look like he was so tired of living there anyway. I wish I was there to sign Max's cast. That's awesome that Mitch is playing the trumpet. That's the perfect instrument for him. I hope he gets really good before I get back. I'm going to send a package off soon.
Everything is going good here. We've got some investigators that are really good. We have two investigators who love the Book of Mormon and have already read more than the chapter we gave them to read. I really hope they can progress further. There's also a cool family that's been investigators for 8 years or so and the wife is from Brazil and the husband is french and they have one daughter. They have invited us over for dinner for three weeks in a row now and I think they are progressing. They love to ask us how to say stuff in English. I started reading the Portugese Book of Mormon along with the English to try and pick up a tiny bit.
Elder Krause is awesome and way funny. It was pretty hard to see people last week and one of our investigators said he didn't want to discuss anymore so it's been good to be able to laugh and joke about it with Elder Krause.
It has been so incredibly hot this last week. Even the Guadeloupiennes are saying it's hot so that says something.
I'm running out of time, sorry. I will try to write a better email and send a picture next week. Love you ! Bye.
elder hill

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