Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter 3/8

Dear mom and family,
It has been nothing but hot and very hot here. It is the hot season right now that is called the Carem.(not quite sure on that spelling) But it has been uber uber hot lately. I think I've become a bit of a wimp to the cold. I always get freezing in the grocery stores that have AC.
It is great to be back in Capesterre. There are some really cool members here. There is a family called the famille Bonbon and they remind me so much of our family, we are going to their house this evening to have FHE. I hope to baptize this transfer and I know we will reactivate some less actives.
There are english islands that are smaller so it's about the same there. There is an english side in Trinidad and Guyana and it is very successful there as well as in Suriname. It is kind of difficult sometimes but President Gamiette feels that everyone has the possibility to turn in the same numbers. Any more news on the Puerto Rico coming into our mission?
Adjectives about how i feel right now is: tired, pumped up, bloated, sweaty, itchy, content, happy, thoughtful, concerned.
I cant wait to be able to watch Mitchell's play in a year!
I was cracking up at that story about me losing my teeth. Tell Sophie to just say a prayer to not be scared about losing her teeth. I pray all the time to not be scared.

No, we do not go to the dentist here.

A funny story.... the other day there was a drunk 20 year old looking guy, and when we passed by him he stood up really fast and he turned around and he had a kitchen knife sticking out of his pants so we both just starting walking a little faster and then he said something to us and then he yelled "je suis pas mechant"(I am not mean) and he threw his beer bottle at us but it smashed on the ground. We got away safe but that's how a lot of people are like here, drunken.
Sorry if my emails weird we didn't have much time today. love you!
elder hill

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