Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letter 6/21

Dear mama,
There are so many holidays here its like every week.
I need to get a calendar that has all the important
dates at home on it, maybe you could send me one!
Also theres a trick to sending packages. Just buy
the prepaid usps padded envelopes and they treat it
like a normal letter and you can just shove as much
stuff as you can in it and send it. That's a huge
bumma you cant swim. It kills me staring at the ocean
everyday. This week was good. A member Marseil Passap
got a friend to take the lessons from us and now she's
going to be baptized on the 4th of July, hopefully that
will keep my mind off everyone doing fireworks back home.
Everything else is progressing at the normal caribbean
speed. The people are nice. Sometimes there are some
kind of mean hobos or chiggers. Everyone tells me I am
shy because I don't talk that much. I'm not having a hard
time speaking at all. I just cant understand anyone that
good still. But I can understand my companion just fine.
Also there are alot of drugs here and I see guys everyday
just walking around with a dooby in their mouth. That's
why there's so many crazy hobos here. There's too much
alchohol and drugs. I'm doing fine. Whatever candy you
send would be great; thank you! love you!
-elder hill

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